Smoking a hookah gives one time to think...
It instills the virtues of patience and tolerance, and gives you an appreciation of good company.

About Us

Aladdin's Hookah Bar and Lounge: upscale shisha, mediterranean cuisine, and classy, romantic ambiance.

Our goal is to make every customer leave impressed and thrilled to come back again. We are proud to say that we are the #1 hookah lounge and bar in the Nashville area, with TV screens to watch sports and other entertainment, as well as music, specials, group party options, and a fully stocked bar.

About Hookah

The hookah (also known as a water pipe, nargile, shisha, kalian, ghelyoon, or hubble-bubble) is an instrument for smoking flavored tobacco (shisha), which originated in Iran sometime in the 1500s. It spread from Persia to India; throughout the Middle East, and across the Mediterranean after the European introduction of tobacco. Smoking a hookah became popular among the wealthy and was seen as a status symbol.

A hookah operates using indirectly heated tobacco; which creates smoke, that is then filtered through water. The original hookahs were made from coconut shells and reeds, with the milk of the coconut being used to filter and cool the smoke by way of two holes bored into the shell. The 16th Century Indian physician; Hakim Abu'l-Fath Gilani modified a design to pass the smoke through water before inhalation as a means of purification.

Smoking hookah is practiced as a form of social interaction, a way for people to set aside time to spend together and have community. Bring some friends and come enjoy a premium hookah experience with us at Aladdin's!